The archaeology student had a rather large problem. The dig was in the West Country and he was in London with a broken car. His first thought was to borrow his Mum's car, but she was in it, driving to Nottingham. Frustrated, he called his brother to ask for advice. He was told to hire a vehicle and take out temporary cover on the car. Temporary cover, his brother explained, would cover him for the length of the dig plus provide some extra coverage should anything unthinkable happen. So he called for a car and took out the cover.

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The archaeology student was fascinated by the details of the find. The old woman who owned the property was walking one day over land badly eroded by rainfall. As she surveyed the damage, she noticed a portion of the property sunken over a large expanse of ground. Curious, she took a closer look and to her astonishment, found the remains of what appeared to be a wall. Not knowing what to think, she hurried back home to call the National Trust. She was subsequently told to call the local university to send out an archaeological team to take a look at the find.

Returning from a year's study in London, the student couldn't wait to arrive at the dig. Already, the find had made the national news, causing thrill seekers and rag writers to swarm over the dig. It was rumored the remains of the wall was from the Roman period, one of the ages which fascinated him. He wanted nothing more than to study the wall to find out if he could date it. He wondered if there would be potsherds or perhaps the remains of Roman armour at the dig. He would love to get his hands on a Roman sword.

The hired car carried him into the West Country without a problem. The student joined the university team studying the remains of the wall and spent one month at the dig. After the month was over, the student had to return the hired car, but found he could wait several weeks to hire another car with yet more temporary cover on the vehicle. This was allowed several times per year but was not something out of the ordinary. To his delight, he found he could hire cars during the length of the dig so he would be able to return to university or to London, if he wished.

The student's time spent on the dig was indeed fascinating, for they uncovered a Roman legion camp, founded in the days before King Arthur took his throne. He did find his Roman sword and dated it to circa 350 AD. Also discovered were Roman helmets and chain-mail. The archaeology student hired a car again and again during the dig, happy that the temporary cover agency was there when he needed them. His mind was so thoroughly engaged with the dig, he was glad the temporary cover existed for him.

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